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I found that one of a writer’s worst enemies is himself.

It can be very paralyzing when working to make a manuscript, or typing out a story, or even attempting to craft a post when your mind is plagued with doubts.

“Is it good enough? Will it be appreciated? Will it be received well?”

I, myself, do not have the answers to most of these questions.

It can even be easier to just not try at all and do something else, like playing games or sleeping all day, and just push writing off to the side.

Yet, fears and doubts are there for us to overcome.

We have to keep trying. We have to keep pushing.

So what if it’s not good enough? Try again. Make it better.

So what if it is not appreciated? Perhaps you have not met the right audience for your work. Keep pushing.

So what if it was not received well. At least it was read. At least it was done.

You overcame your fear and doubt. You are somehow stronger.

I have found that being a writer is an endless struggle, not only against the world, but also against oneself. Keep fighting.


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