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The blinking cursor at my screen is clamoring for me to craft words out of thin air.

It seems easy enough… my fingers tap at the keyboard and words began appearing on my screen in front of me.

“A story…” that’s what the empty screen is begging me to tell.

“I would, if I could,” I responded in an exasperated, yet hushed voice.

“Of course, you can!” The screen encouraged me. “Everyone has a story in them that they could tell…”

I looked at the empty screen again, rubbed my weary eyes and blinked a couple of times…

“I must be losing my mind… Why in the world am I talking to my computer screen?”

I decided to take a break.

“Nothing good would come out of me if I start going insane…” I chuckled as I walked away from the screen.

My heart nearly jumped when I could have sworn that from the corner of my eye, the screen smiled and winked at me.

I looked at the round clock hanging above my messy idea board. It read three o’clock in the morning.

“Yup… I’m starting to crack…”


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