Why I Got Bored Out of One Piece Episodes


I am a One Piece Fan, yet I haven’t watched an anime episode in a while (I have been up to date in the manga, though)… So, I decided to pick it back up again from where I left off…

After being three episodes in, I got bored and could no longer continue, and here’s why:

  1. Too long of an intro. After the opening song, there is always the Gol D. Roger narration of how the golden age of piracy started.
  2. There is always a recap of the previous episode.
  3. The actual episode is only a few minutes long.

Well, I do understand that it is a weekly anime, and was never really built for binge-watching. However, I do tend to binge watch mainly because waiting too long would mean that I might forget what happened in the previous episode (hence I understand the need for the recap done at the start of every episode).

Anyway, I’d just have to soldier on if I do want to catch up with the anime. The forward button is going to be a good friend in these trying times.

As a side note, I am still stuck in the Thriller Bark Saga.





Author: jomz

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2 thoughts on “Why I Got Bored Out of One Piece Episodes”

  1. Recaps are definitely obnoxious, and just grow and grow the longer an arc goes on.
    It’s so nice when a new arc begins and the recap shrinks back down to like 20 seconds.

    1. Well, that is good to know. The arc is indeed coming to a close, which would explain the very long recaps… There is a light at the end of the tunnel! 😀

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