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It’s amazing how ideas for writing can come from almost anywhere.

Thanks to a writing prompt, I was able to write a story which I can build a world on. It’s not much, but it’s a start. (See: The Sacrifice). I have tentatively named everything “Frost Teeth.”

There are a lot of things I need to fix for that story, though, most specially the protagonist, who is mostly a blank slate.

I have yet to figure out details of the main character. Frankly, I have no idea of what the main character even looks like, specially since I initially started it out as a narration similar to a journal or diary entry. One can even say that I started with a self-insert story, at the risk of being called lazy… Hahaha…  I even initially thought of it as a story told by a survivor (the narrator) in front of a fire after everything was over and done.

However, there are things about first person perspective that I am thinking about.

Is it really important to know who is telling the story? If so… how can I make it so that it would seem natural and normal? How could I tell the story of a story-teller?

Then again, I could be mixing up my writings for other media – such as film or television, where the narrator is visible to the audience.

I probably need to think this more through…

However, as for the world, I more or less want to place my setting in a harsh, cold, icy place, where not only will you have to worry about the supernatural forces, but also nature.

Things are a bit hectic with work at the moment, so I have shelved my writings for a bit. Being an accountant, January and February is crunch time… hahaha…

Rest assured that where I stopped in “The Sacrifice” was intentional, more of like a chapter end, and I do plan to continue it. I have received good feedback, and I do appreciate everyone who read it. As an author/writer, it gives me great pleasure to know that my works are being read and also appreciated.

So, please subscribe to my blog, and know that will keep on posting fiction, and other things related to writing and blogging in here.

The path to being a professional fiction writer is long and hard… but it is good to know that I am somewhat on the right path.

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Thank you, and have a nice day.

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