A Blogger’s Struggle to Getting More Visitor Engagement

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Hello everyone, Jomz here. I am a blogger, and I am here to tell you stuff. What kind of stuff? Different kinds of stuff. Stuff you hopefully like, and that would hopefully either enlighten your day, or change your life.

As a blogger, my objective for writing things is not only to get visitors to view the post, read it and leave (and probably give a “Like”), but it also includes getting people to think that I have some kind of potential to deliver useful content. Take note, potential. Based on my current and previous posts, visitors assess my value on whether they’d want to keep seeing more of my articles, see more of my life ideas, and probably have more to do with the inner workings of my brain.

As a blogger, my goal is to present ideas that may be useful to you, in a way that is unique to me.

Blogging is a personal activity. It is about writers telling a story, sharing something in their life to readers. Blogging is essentially communication.

Communication is not a one way street, however. It involves, not only transmitting information to the receiver, but also getting feedback from the receiver. Hence, why visitor engagement is very important for blogs.

The Importance of Comments

1. Positive Affirmation. What do you feel when you talk to a person, tell them your story, and you simply get a blank stare in return? Or worse, they just look away with no response whatsoever? It hurts, right? It makes you feel unimportant and undervalued. Visitor engagement gives the blogger a little bit of positive affirmation.

2. Clear things Up. Interacting with visitors help to clarify points that the writer may have missed or inadvertently made a bit unclear. If you, as a reader, found a topic or even a specific point that the blogger was trying to make a bit unclear, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sure the writer of that article will be very happy to impart their valuable knowledge on you.

3. Generate New Ideas. What if a reader’s question ends up being too complicated to answer in a simple comment? Then that means you got another article to potentially write. Tell your kind reader that you’ll get back to answering his question later in a future post, so it would be best if they subscribe so they could be notified when their question gets answered.

So, “How do I get comments?”, you ask…

It’s not an easy task. Frankly, I’m also struggling in that area, but I am thankful for my readers who are kind enough to spare me a few words. 😀

For me, there are Three Important Things You Must Do to Get Comments:

  1. Write good content. Write good articles or posts for your readers. Yes, you have to write for yourself, but always put your readers first. What do you think they would enjoy reading? What do you think they could learn from your posts? If you write content that is well-thought out and easily understandable, your visitors will respond to it.
  2. Get out and Comment, too. You want people to reply to your posts, make sure that you would be willing to do the same to others. Visit a five to ten blogs with a similar topic as yours, and join in on the discussion. If you’re commenting here on wordpress, you don’t even need to leave a link of your blog. Leave a nice, thoughtful comment or two and people will come to you.
  3. Ask a Question. Ask and it shall be answered. Hopefully. Haha… If you want your visitors to engage with your post, ask a question at the end, or lead them into a discussion through your posts. Just don’t overdo it.

There are other ways to improve visitor engagement, or at least get your visitors to leave a comment on your blog, but I believe these three are the most essential.

Are there things I missed, or perhaps you have a good method you’d like to share? Please leave a comment, and let’s talk about it.

That’s all for now, see you next time. Have a nice day.



3 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Struggle to Getting More Visitor Engagement

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your recommendations, especially #2. Getting out there and visiting and commenting on other blogs will usually (not always) result in a return visit. Some blogs are purely informational and building ongoing relationships isn’t the goal. But for many of us, I believe, the point of blogging is to communicate, share ideas, and build online relationships. Like any face to face relationship, that requires an investment of time and effort. Happy Blogging. 🙂

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