How Arguments Work For Me

I have a positive view on arguments.

I view it as a means of expressing opinion and a way of changing another person’s mind and perspective by presenting evidences – whether they be statements of facts, or others.

What I mean to say is that, if your argument can be backed up by valid evidences, you are most likely to convince me.

The argument ends with me agreeing to your point, and I feel more enlightened. You get the win, yet I do not feel I lost. I feel more knowledgeable, at the very least.

That is why I approach arguments as a sort of debate. It is not a battle of who got the strongest voice, or who could manipulate another person’s thinking by using emotions such as fear or pity. It is a matter of who could properly state their facts in the argument – who has the more weighty evidence.

However, since an argument is not as structured as a debate, it still boils down to whomever could convince me. Will my statements hold up against yours? Will I be able to defend my line of thinking against your line of thinking?

And lastly, I am willing to back down. This, I think, is the important part of any healthy argument. Both sides must be willing to agree to the other side later on down the line, whether they like to or not. I am not as stubborn as others view me to be. Present me with facts as to why I am wrong, and I will concede.

I view arguments as a means of educating, imparting knowledge on the other side as to why their side of the argument is valid and true. With this view, I believe that both sides would at least leave the argument table with more information as when they started, even if they did not meet an amicable agreement.

I hope you have a nice day.

Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

2 thoughts on “How Arguments Work For Me”

  1. A good philosophy to have for sure.
    Too many people are unwilling to question the fundamentals of what they believe, and when challenged on them, unwilling to properly debate them either. It’s just “this is how things are / should be” and that’s it, no room for debate or argument, because they probably have never examined or questioned these thoughts to begin with.
    Which doesn’t seem like a healthy mindset to hold I think.

    1. Yeah, a lot of people have this idea that an argument on ideas/facts is a personal assault against them. It is not.

      As a person, they may be great. But sometimes, we get wrong information, or got brought up in the wrong environment and got fed with a different perspective.

      This, I think, should also be stressed when arguing with another person – clarify that you are not going against them as a person, but only against certain aspects of their beliefs or actions which you think is not right.


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