Why I Like Blogging

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I’m a blogger. It’s what I do – I write stuff.

It stemmed from my journal writing days when I would actually write things on paper which I never really figured out why in the world am I addressing my supposed journal to an non-existing person named ‘Diary.’

Who in the world is Diary, and why am I writing these things to this person, and not even bother sending them to this person?

Then I thought that starting off these diary entries with a “Dear Diary” is too dreary, so I dropped that whole business and started using Journal entry and date.

I probably picked that off from those sci-fi shows like Star Trek where the Captain of the ship logs an entry with a star date. Or I could have picked it up from somewhere else… I don’t really remember.

Then I got tired of the whole journal writing because it seemed too tedious and not interesting. I mean it ended up being a monotonous repetition of my entire day. Not interesting, and to repetitive. So I stopped.

Then blogging. Hey, who would have thought that writing on the internet about random stuff in your head aimed at no particular audience (though you might have an actual target audience for your blog), would be fun and interesting?

Probably the fun thing about blogging is that people could actually read  your write-ups, as opposed to those diary or journals where we hide in the dark corners of our closets. hehehe…  It can be nice to have positive feedback on what you were thinking, and it can be interesting when you get into a constructive argument with someone over some point or another. (So keep posting those comments, writers love them!)

Plus, blogging is an exercise into writing. With blogging, you can keep  your writing skills honed. The more you write, the easier pulling words off from thin air would be. That is how practice builds skill.

The main difference between a skilled and unskilled person is the ease by which a skilled person can perform a certain task, without sacrificing quality. Which would probably explain why the more experienced and more skilled writers may seem to be able to accomplish their tasks much easier as compared to some up and coming writer, such as myself.

While I cannot still say that my skills in in a Professional Blogger level, it does not matter. We have to start somewhere, right? In due time, our skills will improve. We’ll get there, someday.

Well, that is why, despite my current lack of blogging skill, I am still a blogger, and will continue to probably do so until the unforeseeable future. I like writing, and I like having people read my works.

I hope you have a nice day.


Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

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