If you can’t get over it, get around it

I have been stuck for a while in my NANOWRIMO. I cannot properly write and describe the outfits of some characters.  While they are not the major characters, nor background characters, I thought that fleshing them out by describing what they look like better could help define them a bit more.

But I am terrible with clothing. When I read novels about outfits, such as the Song of Ice and Fire books (Game of Thrones for you TV only people… 😀 ) which has detailed clothing for most characters, I often breeze through their descriptions. Now that it’s my turn to write something similar, I find myself at an obstacle.

Well, since the challenge is at a limited time, and I cannot stop for too long thinking about this, I decided to go around the detailed or more fleshed out description on clothing. Besides, they are not main characters. I’ll just give the narrator the flaw of having no idea about fashion, the same flaw that the writer has! Solved.

OK, while that is not the best solution, that is the best I can do at the limited time I have. The best solution would be to study on how to describe people’s attire. I could read up on books that has good descriptions, I could read up on tutorials and whatnot. Basically, I could learn more about this aspect of writing that I lack.

Ah, but that is for another day. For now I must catch up. The frustration that I was experiencing with my inability and lack of clothing knowledge has left me with a few days without any writing. Oh boy…

Well, I just hope this year’s NANOWRIMO will be a better output than the previous years.


Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

2 thoughts on “If you can’t get over it, get around it”

    1. Yup. Once I went around the problem, I found myself writing again. I haven’t been able to complete a single novel yet, but I am taking NANOWRIMO as a kick to get myself working. hahaha.

      Are you trying it again this year?

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