Working on my NANOWRIMO

Hello everyone.

Things have been pretty hectic for me these past few days.  I barely had any time to think up of anything to post.

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In any case, NANOWRIMO is here. I started off late probably because I sort of forgot and was not able to start it off immediately as soon as November 1 hit. Mostly because we were off remembering our departed relatives by visiting their graves at the cemetery. After that, I got to editing my wife’s video which she wanted to upload immediately.  I’m an all around guy – producer, cameraman, editor, and sometimes extra to her works. It can be fun to see the number of views slowly climb. I really mean slowly. Well, it’s not like my posts here also rake in a huge crowd, too, eh? Hahaha…

So, back to NANOWRIMO – I initially had a plan. However when November hit, I tried to jump the gun and write a different story. A sort of related, but still different story. It was a bad idea. I hit a roadblock pretty soon.  So, I decided to return to my original plan for this year’s NANOWRIMO. I had a setting, partial list of characters, and even a plot set up. Why in the world did I try writing a different one at the start? I had no idea.

Anyway, so far, I am experiencing hurdles in describing clothing. I can portray action and events clearly (I think), but I kind of fall short on describing characters. I read somewhere that the amount of description anything gets in the story depicts its importance in the story. If you describe a rifle in the room, whether it be the actual murder weapon, or simply a red herring that the main character would note as having the wrong caliber for the murder, it must be used. Does the same goes for characters?

Yeah, I’m writing a murder mystery. I wrote one the other year, but fell short somewhere in the middle. I’m revisiting my main characters and am trying a new approach.

In any case, NANOWRIMO is a learning experience for me. The more I write, the more I learn, and the more I realize of my short comings – which is also good. It means that there are more aspects of this writing thing that I am learning and improving in myself.

How is your NANOWRIMO journey? Do you have a plot ready? Or are you pantsing it and just writing something off the top of your head?


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