Are Blogs Still Relevant?

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Hello everyone. How was your weekend?

I haven’t written anything in here in the past few days because I have been busy with working on our store and on weekend chores.  However, as I was figuring out what to talk about today, it got me thinking, are blogs still relevant? Or did other forms of media replaced it and put it in the back-burner? Is this another case of “video killed the radio star?”

More people in my wife’s family watch video than read things. I also noticed that when it comes to reading, they would either be reading instant messages from friends and family, or scrolling through social media posts.

I understand that watching a video can be more entertaining than reading. I would rather watch my shows than read a huge pile of text. But there are exceptions.  Given the right pile of text, no matter what the thickness of the book, I’d dive deep in it if I find it interesting enough.

Which returns me to my initial question… Are blogs still relevant? Are the words typed out by people about their lives and musings still mean anything to most people these days? Is this why video blogging is such a growing market now?

I really don’t know. Perhaps these are the musings of a blogger that is geared towards increasing his viewership and subscribers…

In other news, since I was terribly busy in the weekend, my Inktober work also got left behind. It’s time to play catch-up! Yay. Fortunate for me that with my decision to use the official prompts this time, at least I know what to concentrate my designs on… I just need to decide and put them in ink and paper.

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Have a nice day.

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