Can Any Skill be Monetized?


Passion can be a good fuel for motivation, and when it comes to making money, motivation could use a bit more passion as fuel to the fire.

Have you ever thought about how a seemingly useless skill you have can be a sort of income?

When I was a kid, people around me have sort of drilled in my head the notion that artists cannot make a decent living.  Income would be hard for them.  I  believed them, and so, took up a course in business. I never thought that one could earn a good income from drawing, painting or graphic arts.

However, it would seem that the mind-molding I experienced was wrong, and one could definitely earn a good income from the arts. They could earn income from clients who commission their work, from writing books about how to draw or make art-related things, and even earn income from teaching.  I have also seen artists make income from youtube videos.

So the question is, can any skill be a source of income?

What about being very good at video games? Yes, of course you can. With the right amount of followers, and the right skill at being a showman, you can earn an income from being a gamer by streaming your games, or at least uploading an entertaining video online.

What about a skill which involves doing absolutely nothing for long periods of time? This sounds tricky, but if you can stand still or hold a pose for a very long time, you could work as an artist’s model, or even be one of those living statues.

What about watching television shows or movies? That seems like a hobby which could not be monetized, right? Of course not! There are websites and channels that cater to reviewing tv shows, movies, cartoons, and anime. By sharing their insights and deep knowledge of the media, they gain a following, which in turn is a source of income for these reviewers.

Good at matching outfits, to the point where your friends and family members call on you for advice? Fashion consultant.

Have a knack for arranging furniture and beautifying rooms? Interior decorator.

What may seem like a useless activity can be turned to a profitable venture. However, this greatly depends on the individual and their perspective of their skill. A unique combination of skills can prove valuable if marketed right.

It all boils down to marketing and targeting an audience through the way you package your skill and the means by which you deliver them to your target market. How to monetize your skill would probably warrant another post in the future, so do keep an eye out for that by subscribing.

Is there any seemingly useless skill or activity that would make a good source of income? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

See you next time, and have a nice day.


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