Blame it on Inexperience

white printer paper with black and silver gel pen on top
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Have you ever had that urge to write down something you felt – some deep emotional feeling inside you that you feel like sharing it to the world?

It could be joy, grief, sadness, anger, whatever.

Yet you lack the words.

There are times when our emotions seem complex and profound that no simple sentence would be sufficient to accurately describe nor transmit it to others.

Yet, we somehow can’t.

And so, we pen it down with simple words, a sentence that end up not accurately portraying what we felt, what we intended, what we wanted.

In the end, in our frustration, our work gets tossed and trashed, and we, as the writer, are left with a feeling of failure – failure that we could not hold in our grasp this abstract thing, failure that we could not paint a picture with the tools that we have, failure that we lack the words to express what we have in our hearts and in our brain.

I believe this is due to a lack of experience. By experience, I mean experiencing the abstract feeling and writing it down. It could be that we have not attempted to write it down before, or we have not read it somewhere before. It could also be that we may have read it somewhere, but failed to identify it at that time, or we could not relate to the written words, that they flew over our head and we failed to grasp its meaning.

I experienced this feeling just a while ago. I wanted to express myself in words – a narrative seemed much to simple, hence, I attempted at poetry. It was terrible, or rather, I could not complete it for I felt that I lacked the eloquence. As I said earlier – inexperienced.

Perhaps, by experiencing more – we could grow as a better writer, or rather, grow as a better person. With this, we can move forward.


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