That Post Forgotten

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Yesterday, while I was out shopping with my wife, I had an urge to write about something.

It’s not much, I think, but it was at least something.

However, I think it would have been rude for me to just stop for a while and start writing on my phone.  Besides, writing on the go never really worked for me.  I could not write consistently while being interrupted by other things every once in a while.

So I shelved my idea.

However, now that I do have the opportunity to write it down, I seem to have lost it. I know the topic, I know what it was, somewhat… but I seem to have lost the flow of the topic. It’s a strange feeling of not being able to write it down now because I have this feeling that something is amiss.

Whatever it was, I guess it’s in my proverbial “Drafts Folder” of posts in my brain partially written, but never published where it will gather dust, until it is eventually forgotten.


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