Never too Early To Prepare | A NANOWRIMO Journey

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It’s barely the middle of September already, and I am already prepping for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month).

My NANOWRIMO Journey has been a path to improvement. In the past two years that I have tried, I ended up with two partially finished novels. The first got me 9,000 words, while my second attempt allowed me to finish in 16,000 words.

I guess novel writing is really that challenging, specially if one has to get 50,000 words in a single month.

This year, I’m trying to do a re-write of my first year novel. As early as now, I am organizing stuff and figuring thing out.

Why I fell Short

I guess improper planning and lack of experience is to blame. In my first year of writing, I just pants’d it. I dove into writing without much of an outline. I just thought of a character, a setting, and a mystery.  As I started writing, I realized difficulties with the plot. And when I hit around 8,000 words, I realized that I must be doing something wrong and attempted a re-write. Wrong move. Hence my novel was left unfinished.

Year two was better. Although I tried a different setting, new characters and an entirely new story, I still ended up short of stuff to write. At 16,000 words I was near finishing the story. I tried padding it with more plot but I ran out of time.

Moving Forward

This year will be different.

I have a rough story. I just need to sow in more sub plots to make it interesting, I guess. I just need to put more meat into the bones so I can hit that 50,000 word mark. This is not an entirely new story – it is a rewrite. My main characters are not new to me. I know them already. I just placed them in a different setting.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to start penning this novel down… hahaha… But I will have to stick with the challenge.  Hopefully, I complete it this year, and it will help me into writing more novels in the future.

Writing 50,000 words in a month is not that difficult. However, it’s writing something that makes sense, something interesting, something good that is composed of 50,000 words is a challenge.

Are you going to write something for NANOWRIMO this year? What kind of novel is it? How was your own NANOWRIMO journey these past few years?

Well, see you around.


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