adult art conceptual dark
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Life can be a big pain sometimes… Well, most of the time, really.

I feel overwhelmed with everything going on in my life.  I often wish I could just step away from everything and hope it just fixes itself.  Unfortunate for me, things are not conveniently set up like that.

Have you ever had days like that? Days that make you feel that breathing is suffocating – that everything seems to be falling to pieces?

I feel that way.  It is like everything I have worked on has been for nothing.  All of my hard work is crashing down, and no matter what I do – it keeps on falling. Hence, my paralysis.

I feel the futility of all my actions. I feel the impending doom breathing down my neck. I can feel it slowly wringing my neck.

I want to fight – I have to keep fighting. Yet I feel like I am backed in a corner with nowhere to go, nowhere to run…



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