Why I am Returning To Blogging (and you should, too!)

5 Reasons for Blogging.

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I haven’t written any decent blog post in years.  Micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, among others has made us lazy when it comes to crafting well-thought out posts. Likewise, it also made us lazy in reading. The TL:DR (too long, didn’t read) culture of the web, our too limited time and our short attention span made us fearful of large walls of text.

Yet, write me must.

Writing as a form of human expression is vital. While I do applaud people who could sum up their thoughts and wits in a few hundred characters and at the sam time make us think or laugh in a short span of time, there are instances when more characters, and more words are needed to expound on an idea.

Here are my five reasons for writing blogs, and which I believe can be your reason for writing, as well.

1. A good practice.

With constant practice, we earn mastery of a skill.

Writing is a skill best honed by continuous use. Writers can easily pour out words for they have written a thousand times or more before.

Language subjects in school have theme writing exercises to let us apply the theoretical topics taught.

By blogging, I am imposing upon myself a way of practicing writing.

2. A means of expression

Are you feeling happy? Are you feeling mad about something? There is something satisfying about typing out words as a form of expression.  If you are angry – fill the post with your rants. With proper warnings – I’m sure someone out there would not mind reading your misfortune. Who knows, you might even find a sympathetic reader.

3. Sharing of knowledge

How to’s and instructions are hard to teach in a few hundred characters.  A blog post can be a better way of reaching out to an audience and informing them of how to perform certain tasks more effectively.

You an write blogs in an article or feature format and help educate the masses.

4. Entertain the Reader

Writing styled to entertain can make for a good read.  It can be satisfying seeing the comments of readers amused at what you have written. I would certainly keep writing if I know that I can get a chuckle out of my readers.

5. It can be a source of income.

Blogging, with the right content and the right audience can help you earn some money.  Affiliate marketing, ads and even sponsored guest posts can rake in some revenues from your blog.

With the right number of audience and visitors, and the right content, you may see yourself earning from your blog.


Personally, I would like to return to blogging as a form of self-expression, as well as a way to practice.  Maybe I’ll be able to complete that rare, elusive dream I had of having my own book published (be it digital or traditional publication… )

What about you? Do you like to blog/write? What are your reasons for doing so? Are they any different from my reasons? Let me know in the comments.

See you around.

Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

3 thoughts on “Why I am Returning To Blogging (and you should, too!)”

  1. Excellent list, Jomz. I started blogging because I had a book to promote and my publisher told me I needed to start a blog. I didn’t want to and slogged through it for 2 years and hated it. Then I figured I might as well put some effort into it, and suddenly I was making friends all over the world. Now I blog because of them. But I agree with all your reasons and they all play a part. 🙂

    1. Well, I’m glad to hear that, despite being wrangled into blogging, you now have a positive impression on blogging.

      I guess it was your change of perspective that made blogging more enjoyable, eh?

      Thanks. 😀

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