If you were Kira, you’d hate yourself, too

If you were living in a foreign country during peace times, grew up there, gained lots of friends, then war suddenly breaks out between your native country and the country you are in now, how would you react?

You have friends there, yet they are fighting against your kinsmen.  You don’t want to lose your friends,  yet you’d be a traitor to your own kind.

Toss in the fact that you suddenly found yourself in battle with your best friend before you moved away – if that does not screw with your head, I don’t know what…

Before anything else, this post was written halfway through Gundam SEED.  I hope I don’t spoil anything for you, and I also hope no comments will spoil me.

Kira Yamato, being a first generation Coordinator – that is someone who is born into a natural parent is in a similar position.  War breaks out between Coordinators and Naturals, and despite being in a neutral country initially, he found himself caught in the war because he wanted to save and protect his friends.

Then he finds out that his best friend is in the other side, and he is being criticized for “betraying” his own kind.

I sort of understand now why people are hating on Kira.  He is in a terrible situation, and the way he deals with it, ain’t so pretty and admirable.  He cries and goes all emotional about it.

Although I hate how he deals with it, it is understandable, I guess.

I remember that episode where that shuttle full of civilian refugees was sent out, so that the passengers will be safe from the battleship that was going out to battle.  However, it got in the way of a very angry Yzak, and got shot down.  Kira was not able to save them this time.

These were the people that were initially on board the Archangel.  It included that kid who gave him an origami flower as thanks for saving them.  After all of his efforts and stuff, they get killed in front of his face.  How would you feel if  you realized that all the things that you accomplished earlier were futile?

Ok, so you saved a handful of people (he brought them in via that escape pod, I think), which then ended up dead.  Great job, hero.  They would probably be still alive had  you not interfered…

Then, there are also his friends.  Remember, they’re the main reason that Kira is fighting his fellow Coordinators.  It’s his reason to Athrun for not joining their side.  And yet, among them are mixed feelings about him being a coordinator.

Ok, so using Flay is an awful example.  She’s screwed up and twisted when it comes to coordinators.  But every once in a while, a remark or two would come up from Kira’s friends that reminds him why there is a war between Naturals and Coordinators.  I bet Kira’s wondering why he’s with these people in the first place…

In any case, his character is not entirely to blame for him not being a beloved Gundam Pilot.  He has the skills – well, he is a Coordinator, and yet he was not raised up to be a soldier.  His “kind” personality is not fit for battle.  Well, he did grow up in a neutral environment…

The circumstances that were tossed in Kira’s general direction is probably too overwhelming.  I, myself don’t know what I would do if I was in his feet.  Heck, I’d probably join the Coordinators because the people I’m trying to protect hates on me, and are probably just using me as a meat-shield…

Kira is shocked at my decision.

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