New Facebook Pages Layout

I have mentioned this earlier in our facebook page, but I just feel like enumerating the things that I like and don’t like about the current Facebook Pages layout and system.

The Good

  • You can use facebook as the page.  This means you can receive notifications on events when you are using the page profile.
  • You can leave comments on other pages as your page.  Before the change, you can only post comments and status updates as your page within your page.  Once you leave that space, you will be once again be posting as your account.  This poses a good and bad thing – that is you will be exposing your own profile to other people if you are working on page-related stuff.  The other good thing is that if you post on other pages as your page, it could help generate traffic and exposure for your page.
  • You can interact with other pages.  Aside from what I have mentioned in the above points, you can also receive updates on pages that you have “Liked” in your facebook page, and leave comments and other feedbacks, that are not combined with your normal feeds.
  • The people who liked your page are hidden.  This helps the privacy of the page.  Of course, Admins can view the people who liked their page, but ordinary people, even if they liked the page, would not be able to scan and search everyone who liked the page (unless of course they post some stuff on the wall).

The Bad

  • You cannot interact with your fans outside of the page.  I think it would also be nice to be able to interact with fans outside of the page.  Although it can be a bad thing if you suddenly go and intrude to people’s walls.  Well, so far, the only thing that I think would be really nice is to allow the page to post at least a thank you note for liking the page.  But then again, I could see a lot of pages making use of this and abusing it to the point where fans would not like it.
  • You cannot “Tag” persons who liked your page.  If you switch to the page profile, you will not be able to tag people.  Yes, you can only tag pages that your page liked… OK then. But what if you want to tag people on posts or photos? You need to switch back to your original profile and tag your friends.  That means, if you want to interact with people who liked your page, you need to friend them…

So far, these are the two side of the facebook pages profile that I have encountered.  It seems good, and I hope that it gets improved.

Do you have a facebook page? Did you have it before the mandatory profile update? What are the features that you like or don’t like about it now?

See you around, and have a nice day.

Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

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