Gundam Wing 32 – Who needs Meth, when you have Gundam

Gundam Wing Zero’s system has mind-altering abilities – reminds me of some drugs which affects your head.

I looked up methamphetamine and found a few similarities to piloting the Wing Zero.

Using Methamphetamine has physical effects similar to other stimulant drugs.  When amphetamines are taken by mouth, snorted or smoked, the user usually experiences feelings of euphoria, heightened alertness and greater energy.  The pupils are dilated and reactions are faster.

Piloting the Wing Zero has similar effects.  The cockpit has a system that increases the combative abilities of the pilot.  But when the brain wave levels are enhanced during combat, a problem arises – that is the pilot experiences hallucinations.  It nearly drove Duo Maxwell mad, when he was forced to test it, and also drove Trand, an OZ pilot, insane when he wanted to push himself and make himself better.  He died as a result.

Amphetamine use increases self-confidence, which often ignores the reality of personal limitations.  Amphetamine users may experience “Superman Syndrome,” in which they attempt to perform tasks they are incapable of, which makes them take unnecessary risks.

Similarly, piloting the Wing Zero made Trant believe that he can rise above being an ordinary technical officer.  He  believed that he can do anything with that system.  He believed that it can even alter human consciousness to another level.

But in the end, Trant lost to Wing Zero’s system.  He pushed himself too much, believing that he can do it.

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