How do I do this?

It has been one of my numerous questions when it comes to blogging about anime, or aniblogging – How the heck do I do this?

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I have the tendency to watch anime episodes continuously.  I like watching them in a marathon.  It sort of helps me understand the story, and also it feeds my thirst to finish the story as soon as possible.  You know how great series are – you can’t wait to get to the next episode.

Now, here is one of my problems.  I want to try posting about my thoughts about certain episodes, or a group of episodes.  Sometimes, I’ll have some quick and easy posts immediately available after I watched my batch for the day.  Sometimes, I’ll forget about it when I get the chance to post.  Sometimes, when I get an idea and forgot about it, I’ll rewatch the episode.

Rewatching the episode is probably not the best idea for me, for time is not a luxury that I have – but I need it to refresh myself…

Well,  I could make a post about the batch that I watched, but that could mean that I’ll either make a really long post, or miss some important points. That, or I’ll probably forget everything else, apart from the latest episode.  Yeah, my short-term memory sometimes has a short fuse that blows out easily.

Well, until I figure out a method on how I do this, I will remain to feel stumped.

Any ideas?

Do you watch one episode, make a blog post, then continue the cycle again? Or do you just continue watching, and rely everything to your memory?

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