High School of the Dead 2 – It’s always those you least expect

When Saya picked Kouta  I had no idea what she was thinking  teaming up with him… I mean, a guy crawling around on his knees can’t be that good at fighting by your side during a zombie invasion, right?

But then again, Saya have always claimed herself to be a genius, so she might have her reasons.  Someone who has the head to get out before everyone else might not be so bad.  He could be just a sneaky guy…

Or just plain scared.  Hey, if your quiet world was suddenly turned upside down by a horde of undead, wouldn’t you feel the same? I’d certainly be confused.

Unlike Kouta, however, Saya got a quick grasp of the situation, and managed to guide him.

Then she later reveals why Kouta seemed the next choice she had over Takashi – Kouta is a gun otaku.  He got skills with guns.  Although there are clearly no guns available in school, Saya managed to give Kouta a near-enough replacement…

He quickly assesses the weapon and with a few tweaks and adjustments, managed to covert the nail gun to a weapon that he can accurately use – transforming him to a bad-ass shooting machine.

Similar to Shinmaru’s assessment, Kouta’s survival rate for me suddenly increased. As long as he does not run out of ammo or get cornered, he’ll do just fine…


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