High School of the Dead 1 – The Zombies are Coming

What would you do if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a big group of undead trying to kill you? Run for the hills?

After reading DC Comic’s Blackest Night, I got the urge to watch High School of the Dead, which Shinmaru has been talking about in his blog.

A high school that gets invaded by zombies surely is a bloody mess.  The worst part is that everyone is from the school. It all started when this zombie wandered into the gates of the school and was repeatedly hitting the gate with his head.  This bothered the gym teachers, and when one tried collaring the guy, gets bitten and turned.  And so goes the transformation of the school. So you’ll probably be chased around, eaten and turned into one of them by someone you know.

Before I watched the first episode of the anime, I read the manga, so most of the characters shown are now familiar to me. Though I still get a bit confused by who’s who and what they do. The animation and story presentation looks great, though, and it has greatly helped in making me understand the story more and give it life.

So the teachers were the first victim.  To evacuate the students, one of the teachers went to the public announcement booth to instruct everyone to “safely evacuate.”

Everything would have probably been fine, had he not gotten himself killed in the middle of the announcement, scaring the wits out of everyone listening in, and caused a big stampede.  Frankly, I can’t say which caused the greater amount of deaths at this point, the zombie biting or the stampede.

Stampedes really are scary.  People lose their sense of care for everyone else, but themselves.  They will be willing to step on the bodies of other people, whether living or dead, just to get to safety.  Although I can’t be sure about it, it’s highly possible that the army of the undead greatly grew because of this stampede.

One of the moral dilemmas that the characters face in this series is how to deal with fallen comrades.  How hard would it be to strike someone you know down?  I think it would be really hard… Until they attack you, probably.  Then you are hit with the choice of either fighting or running.  If you choose to fight, it would probably more of your instincts kicking in, rather your conscience telling you that this was your friend, teacher or classmate.  I bet the realization would be after you have crushed its head and you lived.  I think that would be a heavy burden to carry.

That is the problem the characters face with those they meet who are already dead.  But what about those that is near death? Would you rather kill them before they become an undead? I think that would be an even greater burden to carry.  After all, you will be taking the life of someone – not just some mindless zombie who looks like your friend and acts nothing like him.  He just wants to eat you.

This is the world that High School of the Dead portrays – an apocalypse brought about by the living dead.  What would you do?  Would you be among the brave few trying to decrease the ever increasing mass of walking dead? Would you be among those hiding and fearing for your life? Or would you be among those who would rather jump off a cliff and die, rather than be turned?

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