Naming stuff can be tough

I don’t know how long I spent trying to figure out a URL name for a blog that would at least be easy to recall and spell that other people have not used already.  All I can say is that it’s tough.

You can’t go about and use a really unique name that will be hard to recall.  A random mashing of keyboard characters can help give unique URLs, but something like or is sort of hard to remember.

Going for common names mean that they are most likely taken.  I tried a few common names, and after finding out that they were already taken, I decided to take a look.  Majority of them, around 90%, I think, are either dead, never used or I can’t understand so I can’t say.

A phrase can be handy.  In fact, it seems to be a good idea.  It can be easy to recall, even though it may be a bit long.  Although it is not a guarantee… If you thought of it, there is a chance that someone out there thought of it as well, and used It before you – and if you’re unlucky, it is now inactive. Take the phrase “awesomeblog.”  I tested it in blogspot, and it was already taken.  Ironically, the title of that blog is “so bored.” What’s so awesome about that, I wonder?

Your complete name, if you want to use it, can be a good idea, most specially if you want people to associate that blog to you, and the contents are a reflection of you.

Using your blog’s title can also be a good idea.  It will be easy to recall or associate with your site for most blog designs have the blog title viewable in every place – including the title bar.

How did you end up with your blog URL? Was it easy or did you had a hard time?

Some people are lucky to get the desired URL they want on the first try – a unique user name that is already attributed to them, or just being first to use it, whatever the case is, they are lucky.

Paid domain names are another story, though, but would generally also undergo the same process of getting rejected if already taken.


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