Got my Tattoo back

After sending my Globe Tattoo USB Broadband stick off to be repaired, I got it back yesterday.  I would have gotten it sooner, except I was not able to schedule picking-up the unit at the center.

Apparently, the tech guys behind the stick cannot identify whatever went wrong with my unit.  Heck, even I don’t know what happened.  All I know is that the USB device was not detected in any PC or laptop that I put it in.

I also asked the Customer Service personnel at the Center if the Globe Tattoo can be used with Windows 7.  He said yes.

I thought that of course it will work in Windows 7… After all, it is a more advanced version, so why wouldn’t it? The Globe Tattoo was probably already broken when I tried it on the netbook running on Windows 7.

So, anyway, since whatever went wrong with my unit cannot be identified, nor repaired, they gave me a new unit.

Well, that’s fine with me.  A brand-new Globe Tattoo stick.

One thing wrong with it, though… It’s naked.  There was no stickers placed on the new USB stick.  On the bright side, I could design my own globe tattoo, and it also looks cleaner.  It is all white, but I still snicker for it is naked. Hahahaha… No identifying marks or anything, making it unique in a way.

As soon as I received the new unit, I tested it out, and it was detected by the laptop.  I sent a text message, and it worked.  I haven’t tested out the internet browsing ability yet, because I have insufficient load balance at the time.

So, here’s to hoping that my Globe Tattoo will work well for a long time.

See you around.


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