In the mood for some classics

I recently fell into a mood to listen to a ton of classical music.

I can’t really say why, though it could be because I am feeling stressed out by a lot of stuff going on with my life, and I need something new to listen to so I could relax.  Maybe it could be because I am getting sick and tired of all the pop music I am hearing almost everywhere I go.

Now, majority of the music I am listening to are not new to me. A lot of them sound familiar.  I do recall that a lot of animations years ago used classical scores for music.  I can’t recall which one now, but it could be Looney Tunes or Disney who used them for theme music.  I think Tom and Jerry also used some.

I do recall an animation where Bugs Bunny played a piano concert. That was amusing.  Tom and Jerry also had a similar scene – though it involves more piano destruction. Heh.

Either way, unknowingly, I was exposed to these music early on.  Whatever is causing me to be pulled towards listening more of these – well, as I have said, I can’t quite put a finger to it.

But it is helping.

I feel more relaxed and am able to concentrate on my tasks more.  It is a good and refreshing feeling.

A few of the composers or music that I like so far are Johann Pachelbel’s Canon, the Moonlight Sonata, some music from Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and a lot more which are unfamiliar to me.

What’s a bit funny to me is that before I got in the mood for some classical music, I was blasting a lot of metal music and rock. Strange progression, eh?


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