First few impressions

Like a kid with a new toy, I seem to be enjoying this…

Now, I am not new to the WordPress features, but there are some limits and a lot of differences to the self-hosted wordpress blog.  Well, the major drawback for me was my webhost.  I think I need to save up more for it to have a better experience.

So far, I am enjoying my hosted blog.  It could be the nifty new theme… Or the added options, who knows?  Well, I do like new stuff… Maybe the novelty will wear off in the long run, but I’ll try to get the hang of using the features here before I get bored of it all…

Image from LOLcat

The first thing that caught my attention is the ease of switching themes.  Compared to having to search, download and probably edit and customize a theme, it is indeed easier.  The downside is that due to the high number of themes available, finding the right theme and customizing it to your preference will take some time… Also, the feeling of a “generic” theme does not bode too well for me, so customizable themes are my main priorities.

There are more widgets. I have always liked using widgets.  While it narrows down the screen size of your posts, it gives the page some sort of ease in navigation or an added feature… Either way, I like using widgets and giving me more widgets to experiment on is going to be fun.

Reduced spam.  I am tired of spam.  I log in my site and see around thirty or more “comments” that are not related to my post and chock full of links… I immediately click “Spam.”  Akismet seems not to work with the limits of the free webhost I am using.  So, yeah, either I lock down comments over there, or just deal with it… Tiring,  nonetheless…

New Features.  Hmmm… I haven’t installed the latest (2.9.2 ) version of WordPress yet, but so far, I don’t remember having a poll and ratings option. While I did install a blog rating plug-in, it was not much of use to me…

Now while there are a handful of stuff that interests me, there are a few downsides that, for me as a developer, feel a bit of a hindrance…

Javascripts.  Scripting is disabled.  Now, I understand the security risks of enabling scripts in a site with public access, so there’s nothing much I can do about it.  While there are a few useful things one can make use of scripts, it does pose a security issue, so there…

The lack of plug-ins.  Well, I have not yet seen a current need for plug-ins for I am still in the experimental stage of using this site.  I am still tweaking the visual design for I cannot import my previous theme, mainly because I can’t seem to find it…  (can I? I haven’t attempted it yet via CSS).  Of course there were a few stuff I needed a plug-in for, like that nifty gallery I used, the recent posts which I needed for my static front page… and a few others… It made “hacking” into the wordpress system easier, without actually going deep into the codes.

I also noticed a lack of the “justify” formatting button on the design sink in the post area… I had to manually justify my formatting.  It would not be a problem if I had a ton of extra time, and not that much paragraphs, but if the ratio were reversed… Oh, boy, that would be a real pain…

So far, those are my few impressions on being on this site for a few minutes.  I’ll probably tweak my blog a little more, edit a few stuff and experiment a bit… Maybe I’ll find a design I like, or figure out more ways to customize without developing my own theme (I know this is tough, I tried it.)…

Well, anyway, what were your first impressions with and how did you select your theme?

Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

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